About us

Since its initiation over 22 years ago, IIUM EDUCARE offers a conducive and positive learning environment which includes loving, supportive, and safe characteristics to our children. These criteria meet the present requirement in our educational setting where our services for kindergarten, child care, and day care are inclusive of a curriculum design that covers moral, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. Families who require our services are guaranteed with the quality provided.

IIUM EDUCARE aims to become the leading and internationally recognized centre for kindergarten, child care, and day care for children from as young as two months old to six years of age based on a holistic and unique concept of education. We at IIUM EDUCARE also strive for an environment that is enriching and rewarding which also emphasises on a unique learning experience. Every child’s abilities and their diversities are explored, for our main goal is to adhere to guidelines set out especially in helping the children to unlock their utmost potentials, thus producing a well-balanced and God-awareness child.

IIUM EDUCARE is equipped with up-to-date facilities and equipment to cater for children developmental needs. We let our students experience with various fun and learning activities such as water play, sand play, outdoor activities, field trips, and gardening as these promote physical, emotional, and social development of the children.

IIUM EDUCARE is continuously looking forward to collaborate with other corporate agencies in setting up and establishing their child care centre at the workplace. We take this opportunity as one of our priorities to help the community and develop the ummah. In addition to that, IIUM EDUCARE open its doors to entrepreneurs keen on participating in this venture under our franchise programme which will be launch soon. If you are looking for opportunity to change the world, we are the best partners to be!