Type Description
Operating Hours 7.40 am to 6.00 pm (Monday-Friday)
Extra Hours The monthly statement will be issued to parents early of the following month.
Shoes Must be worn and manageable by child
Clothes/Towel Child Care:Please provide at least 3 changes daily (babies) or 2 changes daily (toddlers), a towel, face towels and adequate supply of nappies and an empty plastic bags every day in your child’s bag.

Day Care: Please provide at least one change daily, a towel and an empty plastic bag every day in your child’s bag. all clothing must be labelled with child’s name.
Bottles Child Care:Parents provide formula of their own choice for infants, plus at least 2 empty plastic bottles every day in your child’s bag.
Sweet/Personal Toys/Junk Food/Jewellery Please leave at home.
Communication Book Is provided to all children enrolled in the centre. As a mean to disseminate any information from the centre management, teachers as well as from parents to teachers.


-Use own Curriculum and National Curriculum
-The educational materials
-Comprehensive Islamic teaching
-Support Baby; Breastfeeding


-Using Peter and Jane
-Iqra and Practical Solat