A few of our families would like to share their experiences with you! Check out our testimonials below!

I was going around looking for kindergarten for my son and daughter since we were came back from UK. Many well established kindergarten around my house area in Putra Heights but due to my experience before with my elder daughter and advice from some friends I try to go with more simple kindergarten. I was so shock knowing that IIUM EDUCARE registration fee and deposit is much lower than any other kindergarten that I know. To top the icing on the cake you will get back RM600 from your registration fee once kids done schooling. Trust me you will never get this elsewhere now in Malaysia. They teach plus feed and bath your kids before you pick up time. Good job IIUM EDUCARE especially to my kids’ campus now PUTRA HEIGHTS

Sna AmyAzizi TADIKA UIAM (Putra Heights Branch)

Best! My daughter was enrolled here. She always comes back home happily and learn something new. The teacher is good and friendly. The cleanliness is also very good. Thank you IIUM EDUCARE!

Nadia Thaherah Ezlan IIUM EDUCARE (Gombak Branch)

For me… there is no perfect place but as long as my daughter happy… Alhamdulillah I know that’s the best place for her… thanks to all IIUM EDUCARE KUANTAN for they effort on bringing up our little one!!! Keep up the best work!! we love you all management and teachers… especially to teacher Tiha and teacher Shida of 4 years class also not forgotten former 4 years teacher… teacher Tasha….

Ernie Mimie Kulian IIUM EDUCARE (Kuantan Branch)

My daughter enrolled here at IIUM EDUCARE BIDARA and she only come back home happily everyday with all new things she learnt! Masyaa Allah! May Allah keep bestow rahmah and success to IIUM EDUCARE to be the lead Kindergarten and Early Childhood Education Institution in Malaysia. Amin!

Amir Ul-Iman Dollah TADIKA UIAM (Taman Bidara Branch)

My child loves school. She has progressed steadily. Great Job!! Keep up the good work. I am very pleased with the progress that she has made since joining IIUM EDUCARE. The teacher have really known my children and knew where they should be in their learning. I would like to thank them for their support. Really appreciate whatever they have done.

Nor Hadzlin Abdul Jalil Mother of Izz Zara Alisya Zulfitri, 4 years old IIUM EDUCARE (MIDA Branch)

My daughter loves to go to school. IIUM EDUCARE makes learning very interesting and fun. She enjoys singing all those kids songs and recites short doa fluently. I love bonding between the teachers and the children. They make really close friends. This is the best place for my daughter to learn and play. Please keep up the good works! To all teachers, thank you.

Siti Ruzaina Shahdan Mother of Siti Dayana Dahlia Bte Ramzul, 4 years old IIUM EDUCARE (MIDA Branch)

The standard of education given to the children of the respective age group is good and effective. Keep up the current concept of helping the children grow emotionally, spiritually, and educationally.

Muhammad Yusuf Sibert Father of Adam Mikhail Sibert, 5 years old TADIKA UIAM (Taman Bidara Branch)

My son starting to enrolled at TMDK since July 2015. Previously, he was send to babysitters instead of formal childcare. Prior of his enrolment, he didn’t play with other children. Now, he can play with other children and loves to interact with his cousins. We are impressed with his huge development. He loves to learn about alphabets, numbers and song. He even dance when we played the music. We believes that our decision to send our son to TMDK play a big roles towards his development. We hope that he can progress more in the future. Thank you!

Wan Nurul Azmina Wan Azmi Mother of Muhammad Aakif Amzar B. Faizal Izwan IIUM EDUCARE (TM Dinamik Branch)

You’re doing an excellent job. We’re very satisfied with the overall output – the facilities, the teachers, and the syllabus. Keep up the good work!

Fadzli Salehhodin Sarah Najihah Bte Fadzli Salehhodin IIUM EDUCARE (TM Dinamik Branch)